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This program has made me a better version of myself and there is no place I'd rather be than down the gym with this team and our coaches. The facilities and support they offer us is beyond amazing, I'm not sure what I would do without having the opportunity to be part of something like this!!

Beth Atkinson

Molly has been training with Zodiac for a year and in that time has achieved so much. She loves cheer and when ever she has a spare 5 minutes she is practicing!! Zodiac is not just a cheer squad it's a family and we are very proud to be part of it.

Cathy Tye

I have only been doing cheerleading for over a year now but I have learnt so much. Every one is welcome and the coaches are the best. I have come so far in tumbling and zodiac allstars are the ones who got me there. I love it so much I see it as a second home! I will never ever quit because it is the best experience I have ever had in my life!

Bronte Marshal

I have been doing cheerleading for about 7 years now and I just think of it as a second home everyone is so welcoming and friendle. Not to mention the coaches, who are so encouraging and have helped make so much progress over the years. It is really fun and the equipment we have you could really want more! I would reccomend it to anyone it is anything anyone would like at any age! 😃

Carmen O'Kang

Great team who have achieved so much. Great to be part of and what amazing facilities and coaches.

Deborah Fields

I love being a part of such a great team. They feel like my extended family. I feel since I have attended Zodiac Allstars that I have learnt to work as a team member and my skills have progressed a lot! The facilities and coaching staff are second to none and I would recommend this club to anyone!

Leah Byrne

I love being a part of Zodiacs . It's a great atmosphere and I've made so many friends it's like a big family. They've helped me progress loads over the past few years . It's an amazing facility with lovely coaches, it's like a second home. A great duo and a  great programme!

Izzy Faulknor

I joined ZA at the start of this season, its a great atmosphere and the coaches are very encouraging and they will do so much to make the team stronger. I competed the first time this weekend and we came 1st, it was a great feeling. the gym has so many facilities to help you progress and achieve your goals. during my time at zodiacs so far I have made so many good friends!! I highly recommend to anyone

Ellie May-Jonhson 


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The 2019-2020 season has started and we cannot wait to work with all the new teams. Zodiacs are very proud to say that last year we achieved 58/67 first place titles, 14 grand champion titles and back to back summit champion titles.

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Driving Directions     Contact Us  

(gym is in Langney Primary School)