(Ages 3 and under)

Did you know we offer soft play Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 10-10:45am starting from just £4.25 a session.

We also have monthly deals if you want to come more frequently. 

We have loads of safety equipment, disney music, a trampoline track, foam balls and much more you can explore with your little one. 

We offer a relaxed environment where you and your little one can explore freely with friendly instructors there to help if needed.

Monthly Deals:

Four sessions- £16 a month

Eight sessions- £30 a month

Unlimited- £42 a month (plus 50% off our kids t-shirt available on the pro shop)

(these can be set up via direct debit- please email if you want to take advantage of our monthly deals)

If you would like to book a session please select 'soft play/kids play' below:


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The 2019-2020 season has started and we cannot wait to work with all the new teams. Zodiacs are very proud to say that last year we achieved 58/67 first place titles, 14 grand champion titles and back to back summit champion titles.

Where to Find Us?


Driving Directions     Contact Us  


Driving Directions     Contact Us  

(gym is in Langney Primary School)