Zodiac Allstars are currently recruiting, please find all the information needed to join.

We offer a FREE taster session for everyone. 


When to attend? (we are flexible with the ages below if you are unable to make one of the sessions just let us know)

Ages 8 and under: Tuesday 5-6:15

Ages 9+: Mondays 5-6:15


We have a programme for new joiners. This is perfect for people that are new to cheerleading or don't want to compete.

Options for New Joiners:

1. £29 per month to cover your weekly class to be paid on a direct debit (please note we require 30 days notice to cancel any direct debits)

2. £38.50 per month to cover your weekly class, 2 jump and stretch or conditioning classes per month and 1 tumbling lesson per month. A total of 2.5 hours extra for under £10 to be paid on a direct debit (please note we require 30 days notice to cancel any direct debits)

3. Pay as you go £8 per session


You are more than welcome to try any of the above and if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch. The only other costs involved are: 

Joining fee: £15 (this will cover your insurance until the annual payment is due plus all administrative work required to set up membership)
Annual Insurance: £20 (paid on the 1st of September.)



If you would like to join Zodiac's then please follow our 3 step joining process:

  1. Have a FREE taster session. Fill in the form below to arrange this.. 
  2.  Pay £15 Joining fee. ( Type your/your child's name in the box at the bottom of this page and click BUY NOW to PAY joining fee)
  3.  Give us your details so we can set up direct debit


Name of athlete:


If you wish to be a part of our competitive cheer squad we tryout for our teams in July. If we have spaces available mid season then we will take on athletes so don't hesitate to get in touch. Our fees increase depending on what team you are on. Most people start on recreational and then take up competitive cheer once they know this is something they would like to commit to.

There are more costs involved to cheer competitively such a competitions entries, uniforms etc. plus attendance is important. Our recreational lessons are the perfect place to start, then if you decide you would like to compete we can try you out for one of our squads.

Joining Form:


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